What is Micro certification in ServiceNow?

Micro Certifications in ServiceNow

What are Micro Certifications in ServiceNow and how can I register for them?

Micro Certifications are targeted at specialty products or topics within ServiceNow and do not
cover a subject area as broad as Mainline Certifications. Unlike Mainline Certification exams, these are
non-proctored exams that do not require visiting a testing center.

Like the Mainline Certifications, there is always paired training content that must be completed before
attempting a Micro Certification exam. Often, but not always, these are available as shorter, eLearning
modules. There are some Micro Certifications that are paired with only instructor-led content. Be sure to
consult the diagram found earlier in this document to find out which training courses are paired with which
Micro Certifications.

Register and complete Micro Certifications in Now Learning here: https://nowlearning.service-now.com.

What if I fail and need to retake a Micro Certification exam?

You are allowed up to three retakes for a Micro Certification. Failing a Micro Certification exam four times
will require you to re-complete the required paired training content. There will be a 24-hour waiting period
after each failed attempt to ensure you have the proper time to prepare.

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