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Module #1 – Data warehouse Concepts

  • Data warehouse
  • Data mart
  • Basics of Data Warehousing
  • What is OLTP and OLAP?
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP

Module #2 – Dimensional Modeling Overview-Part1

  • Introduction to Dimensional Modeling
  • Dimensional table
  • Fact table
  • Aggregate table
  • Star schema

Module #2 – Dimensional Modeling Overview-Part2

  • Snowflake schema
  • Star schema Vs. Snowflake schema
  • Fact Vs. Dimension table
  • Fact Vs. Aggregate Table
  • Types of Facts

Module #2 – Dimensional Modeling Overview-Part3

  • Types of Fact tables
  • Types of Dimensions
  • Level of Granularity
  • Grain of fact
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions( SCD )
  • Normalization
  • DE normalization

Module #4 - OBIEE Overview-Part1

  • Introduction to OBIEE 10 G
  • What is Obiee?
  • Advantages of Obiee
  • End to End Life Cycle of Obiee
  • Types of Reports

Module #4 - OBIEE Overview-Part2

  • Types of Applications
  • Components OF Obiee
  • Client Components Of Obiee
  • Obiee Architecture
  • Difference between Obiee 10g and Siebel Analytics
  • Difference between Obiee 10g

Module #5 - Repository Basics

  • What is Meta data?
  • Creating a Repository using BI Administration Tool
  • Physical, Business Model and Mapping, and presentation layers
  • Properties of repository objects
  • Online Mode and Offline Mode

Module #6 - Building the Physical Layer of a Repository-Part1

  • Physical Layer from Relational Data Sources
  • Database Objects
  • Setting Up and Properties of Connection Pools
  • Physical Tables
  • Alias Tables

Module #6 - Building the Physical Layer of a Repository-Part2

  • Physical Layer Folders
  • Physical Joins
  • Defining Physical Foreign Keys and Joins
  • Using Database
  • Viewing Data in Physical Tables or Columns

Module #6 - Building the Physical Layer of a Repository-Part3

  • Creating and Editing a Column in a Physical Table
  • Fragmented Data
  • Primary Key and Foreign Key Relationships
  • Complex Joins
  • Opaque Views

Module #7 - Business Model and Mapping Layer-Part1

  • Business Model Objects
  • Duplicate Business Model and Presentation Catalog
  • Creating and Administering Logical Tables
  • Creating and Administering Logical Columns
  • Creating and Administering Logical Table Sources (Mappings)

Module #7 - Business Model and Mapping Layer-Part2

  • Dimensions and Hierarchical Levels
  • Process of Creating and Administering Dimensions
  • Unbalanced (Ragged) and Skip-Level Hierarchies
  • Parent-Child Hierarchies
  • Subject Areas for Logical Stars and Snowflakes

Module #7 - Business Model and Mapping Layer-Part3

  • Display Folders
  • Logical Joins
  • Level Based Measures
  • Aggregation Navigation
  • Time Series Function

Module #8 - Presentation Layer-Part1

  • About the Presentation Layer
  • Creating and Customizing the Presentation Layer
  • Working with Subject Areas
  • Working with Presentation Tables and Columns

Module #8 - Presentation Layer-Part2

  • Working with Presentation Hierarchies and Levels
  • Setting Permissions for Presentation Layer Objects
  • Creating Aliases (Synonyms) for Presentation Layer Objects
  • Controlling Presentation Object Visibility

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Advantages of Caching Cache Manager

  • Using the Cache Manager
  • Monitoring and Managing the Cache
  • Purging and Maintaining Cache

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Config Files

  • Nqs Config
  • Nqs Server
  • Nqs Query
  • Instance Config

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Variables

  • Variable
  • Repository Variables
  • Static and Dynamic
  • Session Variables
  • System and Non System Variables
  • Initialization Blocks
  • Row Wise Initialization

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Security

  • Data level Security
  • Object Level Security
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Users and Groups

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Types Of Authentication

  • LDAP Authentication
  • External Table Authentication
  • Database Authentication
  • Oracle BI Delivers and Database Authentication
  • Oracle BI Server User Authentication

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Analysis

  • Types of Views
  • Column Properties
  • Filters
  • Dashboards
  • Dashboard Page
  • Dashboard Objects
  • Actions and Conditions
  • Kpi and Scorecard

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Prompts

  • Inline and Dashboard Prompts
  • Column Prompt
  • Image Prompt
  • Currency Prompt
  • Variable Prompt

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Administering Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Catalog

  • Maintaining the OracleBI Presentation Catalog
  • Maintaining security
  • Understanding security inheritance

Module #9 - Utilities and Wizards Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

  • Building alerts
  • Building Agents
  • Introduction to OracleBI Scheduler

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  • Certification

    Following this course, OBIEE recommends that attendees have at least two to three months of hands‑on experiences with OBIEE before attempting the Certification Exam.
    Further details regarding this exam, including an exam blueprint, can be found on the Successful candidates will be awarded a “OBIEE Certified System” certificate.

    Who can attend this course?
    • OBIEE End Users
    • OBIEE ITIL/ Support users
    • Developers in different technology
    • Administrators in different technology
    • Support Professional in different technology
    Will this course make me ready for OBIEE certification exam?

    Yes. Successful completion of this course makes you understand and do the real time OBIEE Administration Task assignments and Process. After this course, candidate gains the OBIEE skills and essential knowledge to pass the OBIEE System Administration Certification exam.

    What will be the Training Process?
    • Once the candidate enrolls into the Training program, A dedicated Developer instance will be provided to do your Training Task Assignments. The candidate will be given access to the Internal
    • Learning Management system and Practicals OBIEE Instance.
      After basic theoretical training sessions(1 or 2), the training approach is as follows:

    Join OBIEE Training in Chennai

    We in Kyros Academy have a team of professionally trained exclusive personnel from a various IT Companies to train in trending technologies, who have worked in MNCs and other reputed institutions, who deliver the training with loads of enthusiasm.
    Get your technology with enriched IT Professionals who train you on your skill needs & your career growth

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