Major Tables

Major Service Now Tables
Here is the List of Major Tables used in ServiceNow. You will be accessing and manipulating these tables frequently in ServiceNow.

Name Lable Extends Table Display name
catalog_script_client Catalog Client Scripts Client Script Catalog Script Client
catalog_ui_policy Catalog UI Policy UI Policy Catalog UI Policy
catalog_ui_policy_action Catalog UI Policy Action UI Policy Action Catalog UI Policy Action
change_phase Change Phase Task Change Phase
change_request Change Request Task Change Request
change_task Change Task Task Change Task
cmdb_baseline CMDB Baseline CMDB Baseline
cmdb_ci Configuration Item CMDB CI
cmdb_ci_acc Accessory Configuration Item CMDB CI Acc
cmdb_ci_aix_server AIX Server UNIX Server CMDB CI Aix Server
cmdb_ci_app_server Application Server Application CMDB CI App Server
cmdb_ci_appl Application Configuration Item CMDB CI Appl
cmdb_ci_application_software Application Software Software CMDB CI Application Software
cmdb_model Product Model CMDB Model
cmdb_model_category Model Category CMDB Model Category
cmdb_peer Peer Relationships CMDB Peer
contract_sla SLA Application File Contract SLA
incident incident Task incident
incident_fact_table Incident Fact Table Incident Fact Table
instance ServiceNow Instance Instance
kb_knowledge Knowledge Kb Knowledge
kb_knowledge_base Knowledge Base Kb Knowledge Base
kb_knowledge_base_request Request new Knowledge Base Request Kb Knowledge Base Request
kb_knowledge_keyword Knowledge keyword Application File Kb Knowledge Keyword
metric_definition Metric Definition Application File Metric Definition
notification_condition Notification condition Application File Notification Condition
notification_filter Notification Filter Application File Notification Filter
problem Problem Task Problem
problem_task Problem Task Task Problem Task
release_task Feature Task Task Release Task
sc_cat_item Catalog Item Application File Sc Cat Item
sc_cat_item_app_group Approving Groups Application File Sc Cat Item App Group
sc_cat_item_app_user Approving Users Application File Sc Cat Item App User
sc_cat_item_catalog Catalog Items Catalog Application File Sc Cat Item Catalog
sc_cat_item_category Catalog Item Category Application File Sc Cat Item Category
sc_ic_category_request Item Designer Category Request Sc Ic Category Request
sc_item_variables_task Variables Sc Item Variables Task
sc_req_item Requested Item Task Sc Req Item
sc_request Request Task Sc Request
sc_task Catalog Task Task Sc Task
sla Agreement SLA
sla_condition_class SLA Conditions Application File SLA Condition Class
sla_request Agreement Requests SLA Request
sm_incidentals Service Management Incidentals Sm Incidentals
sys_attachment Attachment Sys Attachment
sys_user User Sys User


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