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Module #1 – Cloud Computing Introduction

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Characteristics
  • Cloud Computing Service Models
  • Deployment Models in Cloud Computing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Module #1 – Cloud Computing Introduction-Part1

  • Cloud Computing Job Roles.
  • Cloud Computing Platforms and Certifications

Module #2 – Getting Starting with Azure

  • Introduction to Azure
  • Why, What and Benefits of Azure
  • Azure Hosting Models
  • Azure Services
  • Subscribing to Microsoft Azure

Module #2 – Getting Starting with Azure-Part1

  • Azure Portals
  • Azure Key Concepts
  • Azure Resource Group
  • Installing Microsoft Azure SDK

Module #3 - Azure Virtual Networks

  • Overview of Azure Networking
  • Virtual Network Benefits
  • Understanding Network Resources
  • Create a VNet using Azure Portal
  • Create a Subnet

Module #3 - Azure Virtual Networks-Part1

  • Setup Network Security Group
  • Create a Public IP Address
  • Create Network Interface Card with public, and private IP addresses
  • Create a Virtual Machine
  • Configure external and internal load balancing

Module #3 - Azure Virtual Networks-Part2

  • Understanding and Creating Availability Sets
  • Azure Application Gateway
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • User Defined Routes (UDRs),
  • Understanding Azure DNS

Module #3-Azure Virtual Networks-Part3

  • Design and implement a multi-site or hybrid network
  • Point-to-Site Network
  • Site-to-Site Network
  • ExpressRoute Solution

Module #4 - ARM Virtual Machines-Part1

  • Introduction
  • About Virtual Machine Workloads
  • Comparing VM with Web Apps and Cloud Services
  • Create a Windows Virtual Machine using Portal / PowerShell / ARM Templates
  • Deploy popular application frameworks by using Azure Resource Manager templates

Module #4 - ARM Virtual Machines-Part2

  • Understand and Capture VM Images
  • Upload an on-premise VHD to Storage Account
  • Deploy a New VM from the Captured Image
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Virtual Machine Disk Types and VM Storage

Module #4 - ARM Virtual Machines-Part3

  • Virtual Machine Sizes in Azure
  • Importing and Exporting Disks
  • Configuring VM Security
  • Perform configuration management
  • VM Extensions & VM Agents

Module #4-ARM Virtual Machines-Part4

  • Custom Script Extensions
  • Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  • Puppet or Chef
  • Configure VM monitoring, configure alerts, diagnostic and monitoring storage location.
  • Azure VM Backup and Restore Services

Module #5 - Azure Storage Service

  • Importance of Azure Storage Service
  • Creating Storage Account
  • Implement Azure storage blobs and Azure files
  • Read data, change data, set metadata on a container, store data using block and page blobs, stream data using blobs, access blobs securely, implement async blob copy, configure a Content Delivery Network (CDN), design blob hierarchies, configure custom domains, scale blob storage
  • Implement Azure storage tables and queues

Module #5 - Azure Storage Service-Part1

  • Implement CRUD with and without transactions; design and manage partitions; query using OData, scale tables and partitions, add and process messages, retrieve a batch of messages, scale queues
  • Implement Azure files
  • Manage Access
  • Create and manage shared access signatures, use stored access policies, regenerate keys. Configure and use Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Configure diagnostics, monitoring and analytics
  • Set retention policies and logging levels, analyze logs

Module #6 - Managing Data in Azure SQL Database

  • Introduction/Overview of SQL Database.
  • Comparing SQL Azure Database to Azure / On-Premise SQL Server.
  • Creating and Using SQL Server and SQL Database Services.
  • Azure SQL Database Tools.
  • Migrating on premise database to SQL Azure.

Module #6 - Managing Data in Azure SQL Database-Part1

  • Planning the Deployment of an Azure SQL Database
  • Elastic Pools.
  • Monitoring Azure SQL Database
  • Configure SQL Database Auditing
  • Manage Business Continuity

Module #6 - Managing Data in Azure SQL Database-Part2

  • Export and Import of Database
  • Backup and Recovery options in SQL Database
  • Active GEO-Replication
  • Long Term Backup Retention
  • Create a backup vault, deploy a backup agent, backup and restore data

Module #7 - Azure CosmosDB Service

  • What is CosmosDB
  • Understanding DocumentDB database Schema
  • Creating and Saving Documents using Portal
  • Programming Schema
  • Adding / Editing / Deleting and Reading Documents

Module #8 - Redis Caching

  • Caching Overview
  • What is Redis Cache
  • Creating a Redis Cache
  • Developing Redis Cache Client
  • Controlling Expiration

Module #9 - Azure Search Service

  • About Search Service,
  • Create Search Service,
  • Create Index
  • Import Data,
  • Handle Search Results
  • Programming Search in .NET using Azure Search SDK

Module #10 - Azure Service Bus

  • Service Bus Basics
  • Hosting WCF Service in Azure
  • Relayed Messaging
  • Service Bus Queues
  • Topics and Subscriptions

Module #10 - Azure Service Bus-Part1

  • Notification Hubs
  • Monitoring Event Hubs
  • Handling Sessions
  • Handling Transactions

Module #11 - Azure App Services - Web Apps

  • Introduction
  • Design Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Deploying Web App directly from Visual Studio.
  • Deploying Packages
  • App Service plans

Module #11 - Azure App Services - Web Apps-Part1

  • Automate deployment from Dropbox
  • Implement pre- and post- deployment actions
  • Application Settings Configuration.
  • Define Handlers and Virtual Directories
  • Understanding Deployment Slots
  • Configure a custom domain and Certificates

Module #11 - Azure App Services - Web Apps-Part2

  • Enable SSL for your custom domain
  • Scaling a Web Apps using built-in and Custom schedules
  • Traffic Manager
  • Configure and Retrieve Diagnostics Data and Streaming Logs
  • Configure Alerts and Monitoring Web App resources
  • Manage Web App using API

Module #12 - Azure Web Jobs

  • Introduction
  • Developing and Hosting Web Jobs Application
  • Azure WebJobs SDK
  • Sample Application including WebApps and WebJobs

Module #13 - Implement Azure Functions-Part1

  • About Azure Functions.
  • Azure Web Jobs vs Azure Functions
  • Create an Azure Function
  • Create an event processing function
  • Timer Triggered Function,

Module #13 - Implement Azure Functions-Part2

  • GitHub Webhook Triggered Function.
  • Blog Storage Triggered Function
  • Implement an Azure-connected functions
  • Adding message to Storage Queue
  • Connecting to SQL Database

Module #14 - App Service – Mobile Apps-Part1

  • Mobile Apps Introduction
  • Creating Server and Client Projects
  • Working with Easy tables using Azure Portal
  • Developing Windows 8 Client Application
  • Mobile App Authentication

Module #14-App Service- Mobile Apps-Part2

  • Facebook Authentication
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication
  • Enabling Offline Sync
  • Implementing Push Notification

Module #15 - App Service - API Apps

  • Introduction
  • Creating an API App
  • Deploying an API App
  • Consuming an API App
  • Using API App in Logic App

Module #16 - Azure App Service – Logic Apps

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Simple Logic App
  • Handling array of Items using for-each and condition
  • Understanding Triggers and Actions
  • create a Logic App with B2B capabilities

Module #16 - Azure App Service – Logic Apps-Part1

  • create Logic App with XML capabilities
  • Trigger a Logic App from another app
  • Create custom and long-running actions
  • Using Custom API App in Logic App
  • Monitor Logic Apps

Module #17 - API Management Service-Part1

  • Overview of API Management
  • Components of API Management System.
  • API Apps vs API Management.
  • Create managed APIs.

Module #17-API Management Service-Part2

  • Configure API management policies.
  • Protect APIs with rate limits.
  • Add caching to improve performance

Module #18 - Azure Cloud Service (Only Video Access)

  • What is Cloud Service
  • Cloud Service vs App Service
  • Understand Cloud Service Roles
  • Developing Cloud Service Application with Web Role
  • Deploying Cloud Service Application
  • Production and Staging Slots

Module #18 - Azure Cloud Service (Only Video Access)-Part1

  • Using Azure Database in Cloud Service
  • Adding Worker Role to the Solution.
  • Delete deployments and a cloud service
  • Configure application for SSL
  • Configure Roles for Remote Desktop Login
  • Running Multiple Websites
  • Scaling a Cloud Service

Module #19 - Design and implement Azure Service Fabric apps

  • What are Microservices
  • Overview of Service Fabric
  • How Service Fabric Works
  • Key capabilities of Service Fabric
  • Cloud Services vs Service Fabric

Module #19 - Design and implement Azure Service Fabric apps-Part1

  • Service Fabric Application Model
  • Service Fabric Programming Model
  • Prepare development environment
  • Create a .NET Service Fabric Application
  • Making the service to listen and connect with other services

Module #19 - Design and implement Azure Service Fabric apps-Part2

  • Specifying environment specific parameters
  • Deploying Service Fabric application to Azure
  • Service Fabric Explorer
  • Scale applications and services in a cluster
  • Perform a rolling application upgrade
  • Guest Executables programming model

Module #20 - Azure Active Directory Implementation

  • Azure AD Introduction
  • Relationship between AD DS and Azure AD
  • Adding Co-Administrators / Owner for a Subscription
  • Managing Multiple Active Directories
  • Integrate an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with existing directories.
  • Adding a custom domain name to Azure AD

Module #20 - Azure Active Directory Implementation-Part1

  • Managing Users, Groups and Devices
  • Configure single sign-on with SaaS applications using federation and password based.
  • Grant and Revoke access to SaaS applications
  • Configuring Role Based Access Control
  • Integrating On-Premise AD Identities with Azure AD
  • Integrating Gallery Applications with Azure AD

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  • Certification

    Following this course, Azure recommends that attendees have at least two to three months of hands‑on experiences with Azure before attempting the Certification Exam.

    Further details regarding this exam, including an exam blueprint, can be found on the Successful candidates will be awarded a “Azure Certified System” certificate.

    Why Learn Azure?

    Windows Azure which was later renamed as Microsoft Azure in 2014, is a cloud computing platform, designed by Microsoft to successfully build, deploy, and manage applications and services through a global network of datacenters.

    Who Should Take This Training Course?

    This training has been designed for software developers who are keen on developing best-in-class applications using this open and advanced platform of Windows Azure.

    What are the prerequisites for learning Azure?

    Basic knowledge of any programming language will be good.

    What is the Duration of the Course?

    30 Hours


    Microsoft Azure Certifications

    Join Azure Training in Chennai

    We in Kyros Academy have a team of professionally trained exclusive personnel from a various IT Companies to train in trending technologies, who have worked in MNCs and other reputed institutions, who deliver the training with loads of enthusiasm.
    Get your technology with enriched IT Professionals who train you on your skill needs & your career growth

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